《中国音乐地图》之听见广西 Musical Map of China_HEARING GUANGXI


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瑞鸣音乐出品 Rhymoi Music

Retrieve national memories from music; find the origin of life from the mother tongue.


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瑞鸣音乐出品 Rhymoi Music

Retrieve national memories from music; find the origin of life from the mother tongue.

在山和海的摇篮里  聆听多彩的韵律



Listen to the Colorful Rhythm in the Cradle of Mountain and Sea

—— Hearing Guangxi

Surrounded by the Wuling mountains and facing the sea to the south, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, a large basin, has become an independent place. In ancient time, it has even been regarded as a place of exile. Inside the basin, it is cut by numerous mountains. The area of hills and mountains accounts for two-thirds of the whole area. In the west, there are multiple ranges of layers with high mountains and deep water. In the east, there are many hills and plains. Hongshui River, Zuoyoujiang River and many other water systems flow through them, converging into the vast Xijiang River, and then rolling into the Pearl River Delta. The Tropic of Cancer passes through here. It is humid, hot and rainy, and carbonate rock has been eroded, creating a magical artistic spectacle of Karst landform. There are many peaks on the ground, underground rivers are winding, and Tiankeng and Karst caves are dotted everywhere. In the southern coastal area, with more than 1000 kilometers of coastline and more than 600 islands, the sea breeze blows and the fishing waves bring about the fragrance, which are quite different from the high mountains and Karst landforms.

封底曲目:Track List:

  • 邕宁壮族酒歌 Toasting Song of Zhuang Ethnic Group in Yongning 壮族天琴弹唱  3:13

02、阿妈她 My Mother 壮族天琴弹唱  4:41

03、过桥风吹 Wind Blows across the Bridge 独弦琴弹唱  4:28

04、拜月 Worshiping the Moon 独弦琴  4:42

05、木棉树下两相依 . 那海嘹 Staying Together under Kapok Tree . Na Hai Liao 壮族对唱  2:11

06、月亮圆圆照鸳鸯 Round Moon Shining on Lovers  壮族对唱  2:45

07、采花调 Picking Flowers 马骨胡独奏  2:06

08、高山歌 Song of High Mountain 侗族大歌  3:06

09、劝哥莫忘妹情意 Please Do Not Forget My Love 侗族大歌  3:26

10、正月立春 Spring Begins in Lunar January 侗族大歌  2:33

11、放雁 Let the Goose Fly 壮族天琴弹唱  2:53

12、问月歌 Song of Talking to the Moon 独弦琴弹唱  4:35

13、日夜相守 . 长嘹、哟依嘹 Staying together Day and Night . Chang Liao . Yo Yi Liao  壮族对唱 2:37

14、月光情缘 . 鸡啼调 Predestined Love under the Moonlight . Tune of Crow 壮族天琴弹唱  2:40

15、月亮光光 The Bright Light of the Moon 啵咧独奏  3:25

16、榕江河水浪滔滔 Waves Serging in Rong River 侗族大歌  2:40

17、本色 True Qualities 侗族大歌  1:59

18、蝉之歌 Song of Cicada 侗族大歌  3:02


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