评•弹 Classic Pingtan Songs of Suzhou _ CD

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高品质发烧 CD   HiFi Magnificent Music CD
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评•弹 Classic Pingtan Songs of Suzhou _ CD

高品质发烧 CD   HiFi Magnificent Music CD

瑞鸣音乐出品  Rhymoi Music


吴侬软语 娓娓动听,轻清柔缓, 抑扬顿挫,伶俐婉转沁人心脾

雅俗共汇的评弹,乃苏州评话和弹词的总称。说说唱唱,流连忘返。评话里论些金戈铁马、叱咤风云、侠义豪杰;弹词里唱些儿女情长、妇孺皆知、世间传奇。评弹说表细腻,吴侬软语娓娓动听,弹词以吴音演唱,抑扬顿挫,轻清柔缓。苏州弹词,又称“小书”,是一种散韵文体结合,以叙事为主、代言为辅的苏州方言说唱艺术。弹词艺术传统深厚,曲调流派纷呈,风格各异,技艺极为发达,讲究“说噱弹唱”。“说”指叙说;“噱”指“放噱”,即逗人发笑;“弹”指使用三弦或琵琶进行伴奏,既可自弹自唱,又可相互伴奏和烘托;“唱”指演唱。 三百年衣钵传承,流传下吴地口耳相传曲艺精华。透过依稀迷蒙的时空,逡巡在古往今来的活色生香中。是一番旧梦重回,也是一意心念再起。今时追忆着故往的浪漫,飘浮于前尘后世的意绪流波间。感叹一声美妙,领受一种时尚。雅致、婉转、清透,自有其品格感召,陈辞也发新音。


Adored by all, pingtan includes both Suzhou styles of pinghua and tanci. Pingtan is sometimes spoken and sometimes sung, and tells the stories of ancient heroes, tragic lovers, and other timeless Chinese tales. Performed in the soft Wu dialect of the Suzhou area, pingtan features unrushed and delicate vocals. Suzhou pingtan is also a type of storytelling, thus in addition to its pleasing sound it is also filled with the history and culture of China. It has deep traditions, a unique style, and incorporates the elements of “telling, joking, strumming and singing”. “Telling” refers to the form’s storytelling aspect; “joking” is the humor found throughout the lyrics; “strumming” is the strings of the sanxian or pipa, which can be played either by the performer or an accompanying instrumentalist; and “singing” is the singer’s vocal performance. After more than 300 years, many songs in pingtan’s repertoire have become widely known throughout China. With these images frozen in time, pingtan serves as a reflection of China’s past, memories, dreams, lovers that could have been, battles that shouldn’t have taken place. These stories are the soul of pingtan, which come to life with the subtlety of a spring breeze.

曲目 Track Listing:

1、《莺莺操琴》 (蒋调)   Yingying Plays the Qin
2、《长生殿•宫怨》 (俞调)     Palace Grudge
3、《林冲•误责贞娘》 ( 张调)   Lin Chong – Breaking Ties
4、《林冲•长亭泣别》 (俞调)     Lin Chong – Farewell
5、《西厢•请宴》 (严调)     West Chamber – The Banquet
6、《狸猫换太子》 (徐调)    The Case of the Civet Crown Prince
7、《玉蜻蜓•庵堂认母》 (蒋、俞调)     Jade Dragonfly – Yuanzai Meets His Mother
8、《珍珠塔•义激陈琏》 (薛调)     Pearl Tower – Chen Lian Hears the Truth
9、《长生殿•絮阁争宠》 (杨调)     Hall of Longevity – Jealousy
10、《红楼梦•潇湘夜雨》 (琴调)    Dream of the Red Mansion – Evening Rain
11、《王魁负桂英•情探》 (丽调)     Wang Kui and Guiying – Soul Search


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