The Dancing Girl from Izu 伊豆的舞女_CD

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中日名伶浓情献唱东京爵士 以传统美学演绎三国乐坛经典名曲
Chinese and Japanese jazz artists gather in Tokyo to bring you traditional aesthetic renditions of classic songs from their home countries and the US

在东京的深夜里 低唱最温暖的歌
让沉郁而深情的琴声 涌入往昔之梦
On a deep Tokyo night, the low hum of a soft song can be heard,
Like the imperceptible yet unstoppable drawing of dusk,
Like the vivid, ever present memory of that face in the street lights,
As the melancholy sound of the strings triggers a flood of dreams from years past.



01.伊豆的舞女 (伊豆の踊子)/日语 (木村浩子)The Dancing Girl From Izu (Japanese) 3:45
02.温柔地爱我/英文(国贞雅子) Love Me Tender 5:47
03.一个人跳舞 /中文(王韵壹)(Dancing Alone (Chinese) 6:03
04.红花 (紅い花)/日语(木村浩子)Red Flower (Japanese) 5:28
05.星 (昴) /日语(木村浩子)Pleiades (Japanese) 5:32
06.天使/英文(国贞雅子)Angel (English) 5:56
07.亡命之徒/英文(国贞雅子)Desperado (English) 4:28
08.红豆/中文(王韵壹)Red Bean (Chinese) 5:23
09.山丘 /中文(王韵壹)Mountain (Chinese) 5:57
10.泪光闪闪(涙そうそう) /日语 (木村浩子) River of Tears (Japanese) 4:07
11.雪之华 (雪の华)/日语(国贞雅子)Snow flakes (Japanese) 7:25


高品质发烧 CD   HiFi Magnificent Music CD
瑞鸣音乐出品  Rhymoi Music
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The Dancing Girl from Izu 伊豆的舞女


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