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玫瑰三愿    Three Wishes For a Rose  

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两缕琴声 几世怀想 交缠 沉吟 如影随形……

The Romantic Sound of the Goffriller Cello



“Three Wishes for a Rose” is an invitation to enter into a place of quite repose; a calm and secret place that welcomes you at the end of the day; suspended between darkness and daylight, waking and a dream,

In addition to the artistry of Principle Cellist for the China Philharmonic, Ma Xinhua and accompanist extraordinaire Feng Dan, two other names should be mentioned. The first, master recording engineer Professor Li Dakang of the Communication University of China – a craftsman of the first order whose understanding of the science of recording technology gives life to the art of music. Finally, we must acknowledge the genius of luthier Matteo Goffriller (1659 – 1742), whose priceless instrument is featured on this recording. These four artists, who in every way are as international as the program they have recorded, are a testament to the emotional power of music to cross the boundaries of time and geography to create a unique work of art.

Track: 玫瑰三愿 Three Wishes for a Rose (Huang Zi)

16bit, 14400

瑞鸣音乐出品  Rhymoi Music


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12. Three Wishes For A Rose

From Album 《Three Wishes For A Rose 玫瑰三愿》


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