A Musical Journey to the Golden Age of Hawaiian Song

侧耳倾听 由海洋和群山所孕育的悠扬歌谣
与椰林沙滩相伴 享受一段无忧无虑的音乐假期

The lilting sound of the Hawaiian steel guitar captivated millions around the globe with the sounds of the tropical islands.
Soaring voices singing in sweet, sweet harmony reawaken distant memories of this peaceful land.
On the horizon, a volcano smolders igniting passion in Polynesian souls;
Gorgeous, fragrant flowers and warm friendly smiles unite diverse cultures in a joyous fusion.

轻快的吉他弦音 是属于海洋的韵律
飞扬的歌声里 记录着土地的悠远回忆
火山中的烈焰 点燃波利尼西亚灵魂中的热情
绚烂芬芳的花朵 绽放太平洋交汇处的温暖笑容

Rhymoi Music invites you to journey with us to a tropical paradise!
A musical picture postcard of the romantic Hawaiian Islands of long ago, featuring the sounds of classic traditional songs!
The talents of legendary 4-time Grammy Award winning sound engineer Dave Way lovingly recorded
a very special group of veteran Hawaiian musicians for a special nostalgic retro-style musical luau!
More than ten different priceless antique guitars
A star singer from Polynesia
Together, they explore the unique blend of Hawaiian and American popular culture that had the world going thing about Little Grass Shacks!
Listen to these dreamy ballads inspired by the ocean and mountains…
Enjoy a carefree musical holiday down on Coconut Beach!

为蔚蓝的海洋 为青翠的大地
来自太平洋的风 吹拂着彩虹的故乡
芬香的花环 为旅人编织甜蜜的梦境
在椰林阳光下 跟随迷人乐声摇摆 感受太平洋群岛的美好风情
查理.卓别林传奇录音棚 全景声360度录制方式
格莱美群星浓情活力演绎 最脍炙人口的夏威夷经典
四届格莱美奖传奇录音师Dave Way精心录制
夏威夷老牌音乐人 豪华阵容 演绎怀旧复古曲风
十余种古董吉他 新颖技巧 美妙弦音律动交融
波里尼西亚资深歌手 献上浓情醇厚之声
侧耳倾听 由海洋和群山所孕育的悠扬歌谣
与椰林沙滩相伴 享受一段无忧无虑的音乐假期