The Snow Lotus 一路莲花


一路莲花  The Snow Lotus _ LP

瑞鸣音乐出品  Rhymoi Music

 藏传佛教千年经文随性吟唱 完全即兴唯美竖琴温暖绽放

Musical interpretations of timeless Tibetan scriptures, with harp improvisations.

吟唱:热西·才让旦   竖琴:张小音

Vocals: Tsering Tan   Harp: Zhang Xiaoyin

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I dreamed I was in a world filled with a haze, like the smoke of fragrant incense; always perceptible but never quite within reach. In the distance, past a vast lake as still as glass, I saw a mountain shaped like a giant Buddha, or was it a statue of the Buddha as large as a mountain? I could hear the faint chiming of bells, drawing me toward the mountain.

Despite the ever-present haze, the path up the mountain was clearly marked on either side by small lanterns. I traversed the seemingly endless set of stone steps, the only sounds, my own footfalls echoing against the perfectly flat slabs of stone and my increasingly labored breathing. I felt the physical presence of a light from atop the mountain, which seemed to pierce me, fill me.

After I had climbed for what seemed like hours, I raised my head and suddenly realized that I had reached a small temple. I stepped inside and saw only a single lantern, which for some reason gave me the impression that it had been burning for hundreds of years. Although the temple was surrounded by the snow of the mountain peak, I did not feel cold whatsoever.

Track Listing:

1.莲师祈请文    Chant for Padum 3:33

2.遥唤上师     The Root Guru 7:40

3.菩提心    Heart of Bodhi 4:45

4.米拉日巴礼赞歌   Ode to Milarepa 5:43

5.四皈依    The Ceremony 8:37

6.殊胜司德妙法语     The Essence of Life 6:37

7.祈愿     Prayer 5:09

8.法王如意宝.卓玛次仁祈请文   The Jewel of Dharma Raja – Chant for Dolma Tsering 5:55

9.药师佛心咒     Inner Mantra of the Medicine Guru 6:48

10.观音祈请文    Chant for Bodhisattva 4:57

11.皈依发心       The Long Path 5:41

Available online

瑞鸣音乐出品  Rhymoi Music

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一路莲花 The Snow Lotus



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