The Bells of Istanbul 伊斯坦布尔的钟声


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瑞鸣音乐出品 Rhymoi Music

A musical journey across Asia, Europe and Africa

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瑞鸣音乐出品 Rhymoi Music

从钟声回荡的千年古城 流经漫天繁星的戈壁沙漠
在色彩浓烈的壮阔风光中 聆听神秘的“世界声音”
制作人叶云川携手格莱美获奖录音师Adam 顶级模拟大棚录制
奈伊笛 乌德琴 达夫鼓 西亚北非传统乐器汇聚一堂
质朴民谣 动人情歌 各国民族音乐人 惊艳演绎 扣人心弦
瑞鸣音乐主题随想 带您回望广袤土地的厚重历史 唱吟斑驳岁月中的传奇故事

11 beautiful and exotic songs,
travel from the thousand-year-old city where you can hear the bells echo, through the starry desert.
Let us listen to the mysterious “sounds of the world” in the midst of a magnificent, colourful landscape,
as music producer Yunchuan Ye joins hands with Grammy-winning Recording Engineer, Adam Kagan.
Turkish Ney, Oud and Daf… We bring together the traditional instruments of West Asia and North Africa.
Recorded in leading analog studio and performed by folk musicians from various countries, this album presents to you a heartfelt rendition of 11 folk songs.
Rhymoi Music hopes to take you back in time to the rich history of the vast land and together we can sing aloud the legends of time.

封底曲目:Track List:

01.别离 Separation (Ayriligh) (Iran. 伊朗) 5:27
02.远走他乡 Hey,Immigrant (Ya Rayeh)(Algeria. 阿尔及利亚)5:26
03.为何离开我 What Have You Done (Che Kardi)(Iran. 伊朗)4:55
04.童年时光 Whale (Nahang)(Iran. 伊朗)7:29
05.我一个人 My Friends,I am Alone (Yalnizim Dostlarim)(Turkey. 土耳其) 5:52
06.撒哈拉沙漠 Sahara (Sahara)(Egypt. 埃及)5:15
07.丰收歌 Harvest Song (Yambo Sanam)(Iran. 伊朗) 2:52
08.苏菲舞曲 Sufi Music (Sufi Music)(Turkey. 土耳其) 4:52
09.宝贝 My Baby (Bebegim)(Turkey. 土耳其) 4:15
10.离别时分 I Have Gone (Raftam)(Iran. 伊朗)4:12
11.倾听我心 I Want You To Feel Me (Thelo Na Me Nioseis)(Greece. 希腊)5:34


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