One with Nature 天人合一_ CD


天人合一 One with Nature _ CD

高品质发烧 CD   HiFi Magnificent Music CD

瑞鸣音乐出品  Rhymoi Music

居庸关长城脚下 完全室外录音 民族音乐回归朴素自然

六位音乐精灵同声荟萃 精彩纷呈

同期录音大师精心录制 诠释音乐国度之桃花源

鸟虫共鸣 风林汇聚 未曾耳闻的奇妙感受

人与自然,交融无间. 瑞鸣中国音乐清新体验.

All these songs were recorded outdoors at the foot of the Juyong Pass of the Great Wall, giving this compilation a distinctive natural sound

Six master folk musicians share their talents

First-rate mixing and mastering using today’s most modern equipment

A convergence of sounds and melodies inspired directly by nature itself

Man and nature are essentially one; a unique experience from Rhymoi Music

Track Listing:

1.欸乃(ǎo ǎi)·古琴                                   6:17

The Sound of Oars in the Water (Qin)

2.平沙落雁·古琴/箫                                   6:28

Wild Geese Landing on the Beach (Qin & xiao)

3.茉莉芬芳·古筝                                      6:22

The Scent of Jasmine Flowers (Zheng)

4.妆台秋思·笛/古筝                                   6:41

Autumn Musings at the Makeup Table (Di & zheng)

5.大浪淘沙·琵琶                                      5:25

Waves Crashing on the Shore (Pipa)

6.牛斗虎·鼓                                          4:58

Bull and Tiger (Percussion)

7.江南春色·二胡                                      5:46

The Spring Scenery of Jiang Nan (Erhu)

8.天山之春·琵琶                                      3:26

Spring on the Heavenly Mountain (Pipa)

9.蕉窗夜雨·古筝                                      5:12

Night Rain on the Leaves of the Banana Tree (Zheng)

10.江河水·二胡                                       7:04

The Waters of the River (Erhu & yangqin)

11.离骚·古琴                                         5:18

Encountering Sorrow (Qin)

12.春江花月夜·琵琶/古筝/箫                            5:51

Moonlit Night on the Spring River (Zheng, pipa & xiao)

高品质发烧 CD   HiFi Magnificent Music CD
瑞鸣音乐出品  Rhymoi Music

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