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对花 Flower Duet _ CD


对花    Flower Duet _ CD

高品质发烧 CD   HiFi Magnificent Music CD

瑞鸣音乐出品  Rhymoi Music

李文· 黄梅戏 

Li Wen Performs Classic HuangMei Opera Arias

黄梅戏优秀传人李文嗓音温婉、圆润,本次录音将其对黄梅戏艺术精髓的体悟与领会,细腻动情地展现出来,有甜美,有俏丽,有深情款款,有喜气洋洋,演绎各色不一人物,凝铸自身艺术品格,继承了前辈艺术家严凤英等求真求美的精神血脉。此专辑是诠释黄梅戏艺术神韵的集大成之作,它既酝酿着原汁原味的黄梅调,粗朴清新;又不失制作水准的精致与经典,充满艺术质感。各唱段或男女对唱,或三人合,情趣独特,旋律动听,演绎精妙,展现了黄梅戏艺术的无穷魅力,使旧曲发出新声. 黄梅戏唱腔淳朴流畅,明快抒情,表演质朴细腻,生动活泼,可谓家喻户晓,深入人心。此专辑所集黄梅戏剧目,大多被摄制成电影、电视剧;遴选的经典唱段,早已唱遍大江南北。

Huangmei Opera performer Li Wen has spent decades fostering her talent, pondering these pieces and constantly viewing them from different perspectives, and every note, every line, is a result of these lifetime efforts. At times dignified, at times charming, or full of love and emotion; she brings each character to life with its own unique personality, adding her own artistic morals.

Track Listing:

1.槐荫开口 《天仙配》 The Tree Spirit Speaks    3:14
2.互表身世 《天仙配》 Sharing Life Stories   4:09
3.谁料皇榜中状元 《女驸马》 The Unexpected Imperial Exam Winner   2:52
4.民女名叫冯素珍 《女驸马》 My Name is Feng Suzhen   5:07
5.忙中未问您名和姓 啼笑因缘》Too Busy to Ask Your Name   4:29
6.汉宫秋 《王昭君》 Autumn in the Han Palace    6:55
7.夫妻观灯 《夫妻观灯》 Husband and Wife Viewing the Lanterns     2:56
8.织绢满工 《天仙配》 The Silk Weaving Is Finished Her Work 2:52
9.今日回家身有喜 《天仙配》The Fairy Princess Is With Child    4:08
10.戏凤 《游龙戏凤》 Flirting with Miss Phoenix     4:02
11.面对菱花吃一惊 《双玉蝉》 Gazing at the Water Chestnuts   7:58
12.爱歌 《春香传》 Love Song    2:02
13.眉清目秀好年华 《双下山》 The Beauty of Youth  6:25
14.对花 《打猪草》 Flower Duet    2:59
15.到底人间欢乐多 《牛郎织女》 There’s More Happiness in the Human World   4:04

高品质发烧 CD   HiFi Magnificent Music CD
瑞鸣音乐出品  Rhymoi Music

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对花 Flower Duet _ CD


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