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敕勒歌 Chi Le Ge – “Song of the Prairie” _ CD


敕勒歌  Chi Le Ge – “Song of the Prairie”

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Morin Khuur  Hasibagen













Morin Khuur – the Voice of the Grasslands

    From deep on the endless steppe, comes the sound of the Morin Khuur; ancient, mysterious, sounding like a dark relic from a thousand years ago, a voice emerging from a black sky; but also noble and unrestrained, its heroic tones soaring over the boundless prairie.

Listen to the rich, long tones of the Morin Khuur; its sweet sounds can fill an infinite space; its resonance filled with romance and longing. Its sonorous voice can give expression to every emotion. We hear the verdant grasslands, the flocks of sheep, the rising sun, and even the sound of the flowers blooming; a deeply felt, union of heaven and earth. When it is played softly, the Morin Khuur reveals nature’s secrets, and paints scenes of the limitless vistas of the prairies, wild and untamed. It unfolds its stories in song, soaring and expressing each feeling and nuance without artifice. It is impossible to resist its long, winding melodies as they weave their way around you, holding you in an intimate embrace. No sooner have you succumbed to its hypnotic charms than it swings into a lively dance, brimming with life and the spirit of lusty celebration. The herdsmen still say, “There can’t be songs without accompaniment by a Morin Khuur.”

曲目  Track Listing:

1.故乡                                                           7:00

Home (Improvisation)

2.金镯子                                                         4:09

Gold Bracelet (Mongolian folksong from Qinghai)

3.罗阳姑娘                                                       4:57

Luoyang Girl (Inner Mongolian Khorchin folksong)

4.乌拉勒吉                                                       3:44

Buryat Flower (Buryat folksong)

5.可爱的海骝马                                                   4:36

The Lovely Horse Rider (Inner Mongolian Xilinguole Region folksong)

6.初生的太阳                                                     5:40

The Newborn Sun (Mongolian folksong)

7.阿拉什河                                                       3:54

Aras River (Tuvan folksong)

8. 四季                                                          2:53                          Four Seasons (Inner Mongolian Khorchin folksong)

9.天空                                                           4:16

Sky (Inner Mongolian Ordos folksong)

10.德恩吉图陶海                                                  4:08

Denjitutaohai (Inner Mongolian Ordos folksong)

11.苏伯岱                                                        4:25

Subuodai (Tuvan folksong)

12.原野上鸣叫的雉鸟                                                                     3:32
Pheasants singing in the wilderness (Inner Mongolian Zhaowuda folksong)
13.牧马人                                                        2:31

The Wrangler (Inner Mongolian folksong)

高品质发烧 CD   HiFi Magnificent Music CD
瑞鸣音乐出品  Rhymoi Music

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