The beauty of seasons 春•夏•秋•冬_ CD


春•夏•秋•冬 The beauty of seasons _ CD

高品质发烧 CD   HiFi Magnificent Music CD

瑞鸣音乐出品  Rhymoi Music



Enjoy the tireless cycle of the seasons and the beauty of life, envisioned through piano and orchestra.


Music producer Ye Yunchuan loves to travel the world, and is always sure to take photos wherever he goes, using both music and images to capture moments which encapsulate the passage of time, keeping a record of the years as they become vestiges of the past. For this compilation, The Beauty of the Seasons, Mr. Ye worked with Japanese composer Ikuro Fujiwara, to bring you a stunningly moving representation of the changes of the season, expressed by piano and an orchestra. Standing out amongst our clamorous and impetuous surroundings, within our narrow, cramped spaces, in the depths of our hearts where the light of the sun rarely reaches, this album is an ode to spiritual abandon, a consolation of the soul, in which every listener can allow themselves to be overcome with compassion and joy at each natural cycle of the world, each alternation of time, each spring bloom, summer breeze, autumn moonrise, and winter snowstorm.

曲目  Track Listing:

壹月·重逢 January – Reunion                              4:57

贰月·乍暖还寒 February – A Warm Front                    5:26  0521

 三月·看大象在跳舞March –The Dance of the Elephants        3:30   0327

肆月·尘埃里开出的花朵 April – Flowers Borne from Dust      4:16 

伍月·阳光下的猫May – Sunbath                            4:18  

 陆月·清晨校园June –Campus at Daybreak                     3:34

柒月·火一样的夏日July – A Blazing Summer Day              3:24 

捌月·思念August – Longing                                4:17 

 玖月·秋风起September–An Autumn Wind                    5:24

 拾月·金色派对 October – Golden Banquet                    6:29

拾壹月·离别 November – Departure                         6:25 

 拾贰月·温暖的冬December – The Warmth of Winter           4:55 

高品质发烧 CD HiFi Magnificent Music CD
瑞鸣音乐出品 Rhymoi Music


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春•夏•秋•冬 The beauty of seasons _ CD


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