Yu Bin Performs Classic Kunqu Opera Arias 春色如许


春色如许 Yu Bin Performs Classic Kunqu Opera Arias _ LP

瑞鸣音乐出品  Rhymoi Music

余彬 · 昆曲

Peony Pavilion  牡丹亭


提炼六百年传世音律 尽收昆剧旦行经典唱段



同期录音大师李大康精心录制 一气呵成



Kunqu Opera: a World Intangible Cultural Heritage finds a new voice

Refining six hundred years of music, featuring many classic Dan role arias

These inspired performances form a collection of masterpieces

A cooperative effort by master artists including Cai Zhengren and Zhang Jingxian

Live recording by recording artist Li Dakang

Mastering by Stockfisch Studios, Germany

Another classic Chinese Opera collection from Rhymoi Music


Amidst the spring scenery on the bank of the Peony Pavilion, Du Liniang is enlightened by a dream, finding herself and true love in both real and imaginary worlds. Surrounded by the mid-autumn scenery of the imperial garden, Emperor Tang Xuanzong and Concubine Yang lose themselves in their wine together, as if they’re in heaven. In the Nvzhen Monastery, Chen Miaochang and Pan Bizheng forge an oath, next to the Broken Bridge Madam White Snake expresses her undying love for Xu Xian, in front of the golden curtain Mrs. Fei murders her husband out of righteousness, and Dou E’s unjust beheading causes it to snow in June…. So many romances, so many sorrows and joys are all collected here; Yu Bin’s versatility and skill, her voice of gold and inspired performances, are all sure to deeply captivate you.

曲目 Track Listing:

1.步步娇 《牡丹亭·游园》  Peony Pavilion, Visiting Garden – Bu Bu Jiao                     5:59

2.皂罗袍 《牡丹亭·游园》  Peony Pavilion, Visiting Garden – Zao Luo Pao                  5:26

3.刮地风 《长生殿·絮阁》  Palace of Longevity, Xu Pavilion – Gua Di Feng                   3:03

4.泣颜回 《长生殿·惊变》  Palace of Longevity,Transformation – Qi Yan Hui             5:21

5.山坡羊 《牡丹亭·惊梦》  Peony Pavilion, Awakenings – Shan Po Yang                6:06

6.叨叨令 《铁冠图·刺虎》  Iron Crown, Tiger Slayer – Dao Dao Ling                            2:50

7.风吹荷叶煞《孽海记·思凡》  Chronicles of Niehai, Worldly Pleasures – Feng Chui He Ye Sha           2:48

8.滚绣球 《窦娥冤·斩娥》  The Injustice to Dou E, The Beheading – Gun Xiu Qiu 4:22

9.玉交枝 《白蛇传·断桥》  Legend of the White Snake, The Broken Bridge – Yu Jiao Zhi              0:55

10.金络索 《白蛇传·断桥》  Legend of the White Snake, The Broken Bridge – Jin Luo Suo             6:50

11.降黄龙 《跃鲤记·芦林》   The Tale of the Leaping Carp, Reeds – Xiang Huang Long               3:51

12.朝元歌 《玉簪记·琴挑》  The Jade Hairpin, Courting by Music – Chao Yuan Ge                  5:39

13.朝元歌·前腔 《玉簪记·琴挑》  The Jade Hairpin, Courting by Music – Chao Yuan Ge, Qian Qiang       3:13

14.小桃红·五般宜《玉簪记·秋江》  The Jade Hairpin, Autumn River – Xiao Tao Hong, Wu Ban Yi            7:41

15.忒忒令 《牡丹亭·寻梦》  Peony Pavilion, Seeking – Tei Tei Ling            4:17

瑞鸣音乐出品  Rhymoi Music

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春色如许 Yu Bin Performs Classic Kunqu Opera Arias _ LP


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