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Qin 琴 – 赵家珍 LP


高品质发烧 HiFi Magnificent Music LP
瑞鸣音乐出品 Rhymoi Music

古意盎然弦如语 琴韵天成云作心
Zhao Jiazhen: Masterpieces of the Chinese Qin from the Tang Dynasty to Today
笛箫:杜聪 鼓:李聪农

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“I have said before that playing the qin for others to hear is hardly worth speaking about. Playing it at small gatherings of the like-minded only provides for discussion and conferral, and is likewise not worth speaking about. Playing while I alone listen is almost worth speaking about, but it is not equal to playing without listening.”
– Zhang Ziqian 張子謙 (1899-1991)

曲目 Track Listing:
1.广陵散Guangling Melody 宋琴/尺八 (Song Dynasty Qin, Chiba/Shakuhachi)
2.关山月Moon over the Mountain Pass 宋琴/箫 (Song Dynasty Qin, Xiao)
3.捣衣Beating Clothes 元琴/笛 (Yuan Dynasty Qin, Di)
4.幽兰Solitary Orchid 唐琴 (Tang Dynasty Qin)
5.良霄引Peaceful Evening Prelude 清琴/箫 (Qing Dynasty Qin, Xiao)
6.潇湘水云Clouds Over the Xiao and Xiang Rivers 宋琴 (Song Dynasty Qin)
7.欧鹭忘机Regarding Seagulls Without Ulterior Motives 宋琴/埙 (Song Dynasty Qin, Xun/Ocarina)
8.夜深沉Deep Night 今琴/中国大鼓 (Modern Qin, Dagu)
9.渔樵问答Dialogue between a Fisherman and Woodcutter 明琴 (Ming Dynasty Qin)
10.梅花三弄Three Variations on the Plum Blossom Theme 宋琴/箫 (Song Dynasty Qin, Xiao)
11.流水Flowing Water 宋琴 (Song Dynasty Qin)
12.阳关三叠Three refrains on the Yangguan Pass 宋琴/弓笛 (Song Dynasty Qin, Gongdi/Bow Flute)
13.关山月Moon over the Mountain Pass 唐琴(特别呈现)(Tang Dynasty Qin)
14.春风Spring Breeze 今琴/手鼓 (Modern Qin, Shougu/Hand Drum)


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