The Song of the Pipa 琵琶行 _ CD



The Song of the Pipa   YuYuanchun _ CD

高品质发烧 CD   HiFi Magnificent Music CD

瑞鸣音乐出品  Rhymoi Music

Dreams of Ancient Splendor; Sighs from a Ruined Palace

繁华吹落归旧梦   宫阙倾颓叹长安




The title of this recording comes from one of the most famous poems from the Tang dynasty, “Pipa Xing” (琵琶行) by Bai Juyi. The poem describes a chance encounter with an aging pipa courtesan one autumn night in the year 815, after Bai himself had been banished from the capital. Once a great beauty and celebrated artist, Bai’s pipa player was now the wife of a travelling merchant, pouring out her heart under the autumn moon. The poem’s title has been translated “Pipa Song”, “Ballad of the Pipa” or even “The Lute Girl”, the Chinese character “xing” (行) in this context, describing an ancient form of narrative poetry intended to be recited with a musical accompaniment. As with many Chinese characters, “行” has many layers of meaning, including taking a walk, or a trek, an individual’s conduct or behavior, or to give a performance, all of which add deeper levels of significance to Bai’s moonlight encounter on the banks of the Yangtze River.

Today, the pipa is one of the most immediately recognizable and popular Chinese musical instruments; generations of virtuosos have elevated the instrument’s technical capabilities to unimaginable levels of virtuosity, but its journey began on the Silk Road more than 2000 years ago when the first spiked lutes, the common ancestors of the Arabic oud, the European lute arrived in China from Asia Minor.

曲目 Track Listing:

  1. 烟波江上 (即兴曲)  Improvisation on Yanbo Jiang Shang (On the mist-covered river)
  1. 绿腰                             Liu Yao (Green Waist Dress Dance)
  1. 陈隋                 Chen Sui (Moon Palace)
  1. 安史乱 (即兴曲)Improvisation on An Shi Luan (An-Shi Rebellion)
  1. 瀛洲古调 (选段) Excerpts from Ancient Yingzhou Tunes
  1. 行街                            Xing Jie (Promenade)
  1. 塞上曲(选段)     Excerpts from Saishang Qu (Frontier Song)
  1. 歌舞引                     Ge Wu Yin (Song and Dance)

9.诉(读琵琶行有感)               Su (Lamentation on Reading Bai Juyi’s Song of the Lute)

  1. 月儿高                    Yue’r Gao (Moon on High)
高品质发烧 CD   HiFi Magnificent Music CD
瑞鸣音乐出品  Rhymoi Music

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琵琶行•于源春 Title: The Song of the Pipa _ CD


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