Sheng Dan Jing Chou 生旦净丑 LP


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The authentic sound of Peking Opera…
瑞鸣音乐出品 Rhymoi Music

Beijing opera witnessed the prosperity as well as the depression of Chinese nationality over the past several centuries. Each and every element in the stage, from affluence to poverty, from great men to ordinary people, all represent the spirit essence of the nation.
As its heyday is elapsing, Beijing opera at present is confronted with the predicament that many people think it’s too elegant to be appreciated. However, where there is life, there is art. We still need Beijing opera which brings us a magnificent beauty accumulated in the twists and turns of the history.
Therefore, this is not so much a record as Chinese nationality’s emotional embodiment carried on from generation to generation. The five main characters, the male lead, the female lead, the painted face, the middle-aged male, and clown, have always been reproducing historical events in stages and will keep doing so everlastingly.


Presenting such an overview for this unparalleled art at its most perfect required that Rhymoi Music assemble an extraordinary group of 11 famous contemporary Beijing Opera artists, working with them to select classic pieces from throughout the repertoire. By recording all of these different and subtle styles, we hope that we have created a harmonious and valuable documentation of Chinese operatic art, both to delight Piaoyou (the seasoned Beijing opera fan) and to preserve and promote this precious heritage for future generations. Even newcomers with a basic familiarity with some of the rudimentary aspects of Chinese opera possess keys to a rich experience that would otherwise be missed and understanding some of the more common conventions opens the door to appreciation and to delight.

曲目 Track Listing:
1.《玉门关》(小生) 于万增 3:52
Yumen Pass (Xiaosheng) Yu Wanzeng
2.《赤桑镇》(铜锤花脸、老旦) 康万生、李鸣岩 5:40
Chisang Town (Tongchui Hualian, Laodan) Kang Wansheng, Li Mingyan
3.《辛安驿》(花旦) 管波 3:07
Xin’an Post(Huadan) Guan Bo
4.《盗双钩》(武丑) 吴建平 3:47
Stealing the Double Hooks(Wuchou) Wu Jianping
5.《武家坡》(老生、青衣) 杜鹏、王蓉蓉 4:00
Wujia Slope(Laosheng, Qingyi) Du Peng, Wang Rongrong
6.《古城会》(红生) 叶金援 2:42
JoiningForces in the Ancient City (Hongsheng) Ye Jinyuan
7.《锁五龙》(铜锤花脸) 康万生 5:43
Beheading Shan Xiongxin(Tongchui Hualian) Kang Wansheng
8.《扈家庄》(刀马旦) 宋丹菊 3:17
Hujia Village(Daomadan) Song Danju
9.《九江口》(架子花脸) 张关正 4:31
Jiujiang Port(Jiazi Hualian) Zhang Guanzheng
10.《卖水》 (花旦) 管波 2:33
Selling Water(Huadan) Guan Bo
11.《望儿楼》(老旦) 李鸣岩 6:42
Hoping for Her Son’s Return (Laodan) Li Mingyan
12.《锔大缸》(武旦、文丑) 宋丹菊、黄德华 3:47
MendingCrockery with Cramps(Wudan, Wenchou) Song Danju, Huang Dehua
13.《淮河营》(老生) 杜鹏 2:27
Huaihe Camp(Laosheng) Du Peng
14.《连环套》(武生、架子花脸) 叶金援、张关正 4:14
Stealing the Royal Horse(Wusheng, Jiazi Hualian) Ye Jinyuan, Zhang Guanzheng
15.《审头刺汤》(文丑、青衣) 黄德华、王蓉蓉 3:23
Interrogating the Cut-off Head and Stabbing Tang Qin(Wenchou, Qingyi) Huang Dehua, Wang Rongrong
16.《二进宫》(青衣、老生、铜锤花脸) 王蓉蓉、杜鹏、康万生 9:57
Entering the Palace for the Second Time(Qingyi, Laosheng, Tongchui Hualian) Wang Rongrong, Du Peng, Kang Wansheng



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