Golden Blues– 金色的布鲁斯 DSD CD


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The sound of a guitar being lazily strummed can be heard in the distance, and dusk begins to fall. A swinging melody on the piano starts up and the lights begin to flicker on in a ramshackle bar. The music starts to keeps time for the people on the dance floor, embellished their swinging dance steps with syncopated rhythms. The clear sound of a trombone is heard, accompanied by the boisterous conversation and raucous laughter; these are the sounds of roadhouses and honkey tonks from ages past, where hard working folks would gather to drink, dance and listen to music. And, as the mellow seductive sound of the saxophone would suggest, also stir up memories and even romance, fueled by the amber glasses of liquid courage served up by the bucketful!

01.哦!苏珊娜(美国)演唱:Chelsea Williams Oh!Susanna 4:03
02.马车夫(古巴)演唱:George Krikes El Carretero 5:25
03.星星索(印度尼西亚) Sing Sing So 4:39
04.道南口说(日本)演唱:Hitomi Oba Dounann Kudoki 4:37
05.念故乡(捷克)Going Home 5:22
06.花儿与少年(中国)The Flowers and the Youth 4:46
07.小路(俄罗斯)The Path 4:27
08.橄榄树下的梦(保加利亚)演唱:Hitomi Oba Polegnala e Tudora 5:10
09.桑塔露琪亚(意大利)Santa Lucia 3:41
10.绿袖子(英国)演唱: George Krikes Green Sleeves 5:34
11.红河谷(加拿大)演唱:Chelsea Williams Red River Valley 3:48
12.且听风吟(德国)Lauschet dem Wind 4:10

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