Portable and good-sounding music is the listening standard in the smartphone era

Pocket King integrates advanced modern technology and strives to create a new era audio that is smaller than an iPhone but still has stunning listening sounds.

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High-density integrated electronic system ensures sound stability: Small size, low power consumption, low distortion, high performance

The patented unique acoustic structure gives Pocket King great soundstage

High-precision secondary coaxial – an ultra-thin high-performance full-range small speaker
Driver developed independently using watch movement technology

Waterproof Level: IPX7

Anti-fall, anti-squeeze 500 times drop resistance test surface

Works under 85°C

Listening time

100% Volume, 5-6 hours

60% Volume, 10 hours

30% Volume, 12+ hours



Rated Power Output 单个额定功率: 5Wx2

Bluetooth 蓝牙版本: 5.0

Signal-to-noise ratio 信噪比: 88dB

Effective distance 有效距离: 10m

Rated impedance 额定阻抗: 4.5Ω

Charging interface 充电接口: Type-C


Frequency response 频响范围&频响曲线(SPL): 80~18Khz, +/-2dB(1m/Tw)

Channel difference 通道差异: L/R+/-0.2dB(1KHz,1w)

Channel separation 通道分离: L/R<=-80dB(1 KHz,1w)

Signal-to-noise ratio 信噪比: >88dB

Distortion 失真度: <0.5%


Battery 电池类型: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery 内置可充电锂电池

Battery capacity 电池容量: 2200mAh 3.85V

Battery listening time 电池续航: >10 hours(60% Volume)

Charging 电源输入: USB 5V/1.5A

Chassis 箱体

Material 材质: SUS304

Processing technology 工艺: Plain steel brushed 素钢拉丝

Chassis (each) 单箱: Stereo 双声道(2.0声道)

Size and Weight 尺寸重量

Speaker Size (each) 单个音箱尺寸: 145mm x 68mm x 23mm

Set Size 整体套装尺寸: 276mm x 186mm x 106mm

Speaker Net Weight (each) 单个裸机重量: 335g

Set Weight 套装重量: 2576g

Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs


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