Everlasting Charm 永恒的魅力·邓丽君_ CD


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永恒的魅力·邓丽君  Everlasting Charm _ CD

以浓情优雅的古典五重奏 演绎华语流行金曲 致敬一代巨星邓丽君
Classic Chinese-language popular songs performed by a classical quintet; an homage to superstar singer Teresa Teng
十亿个掌声 不足以承载世人对她的浓情盛赞
四十二载匆匆人生 绽放出永难忘怀的璀璨光彩
瑞鸣音乐制作人叶云川 联袂纽约新锐华人作曲家
以浪漫隽永的古典五重奏 全新演绎邓丽君传世金曲
茱莉亚音乐学院演奏家精湛演绎 器乐语言诗化写意
美国卡内基音乐厅录音师倾力录制 打造格莱美品质之作
弦乐悠扬 琴声绵绵 最熟悉的曲调 最深切的缅怀
回望亚洲歌后的绝世芳容 追忆光影缱绻的似水年华

The applause of one billion is not enough to do justice to her legacy.
Her short life of 42 years filled the world with immeasurable joy.
Rhymoi Music producer Ye Yunchuan teams up with a rising Chinese composer in New York,
bringing Teresa Teng’s greatest songs to a new light through the lens of a classical quintet.
The musical arranger, a Juilliard School graduate, interprets these pieces in novel ways,
while the Carnegie Hall resident sound engineer ensures the Grammy-level production of the album.
The strings lament, as the piano rejoices. Our favorite songs have a way of evoking our most powerful memories.
This compilation is dedicated to Teresa Teng’s contributions to Chinese-language music, and to the world.

曲目 Track Listing:
1.胭脂泪 Rouge and Tears 4:40
2.空港 Airport 4:26
3.恰似你的温柔 Just Like Your Tenderness 5:45
4.小城故事 Tale of a Small Town 5:28
5.夜来香 Scent of the Night 3:25
6.在水一方 On the Other Side of the Water 6:43
7.望春风&我一见你就笑 You Make Me Smile & Spring Breeze 7:00
8.千言万语 A Thousand Words 5:19
9.我只在乎你 I Only Care about You 6:16
10.阿里山的姑娘 The Girl from Alishan 3:36
11.泪的小雨 Tears in the Rain 4:29
12.月亮代表我的心 The Moon Represents My Heart 6:48


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