MOZART Violin Concertos – Marianne Thorsen, Trondheimsolistene, Øyvind Gimse


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With this recording we wish to present a fresh version of the most elegant violin concertos in the history of music. While respecting the origin and tradition of this music, we have sought a new and dynamic musical experience rooted in our present time. To us, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is as solid as rock, as soft as snow, and as clear as ice; this recording embraces the listener in a sonic world that invites to participate actively in the experience, in close and mutual interaction with the soloist and the orchestra. Only in this way can we genuinely express our love of Mozart’s music. 

World premiere recording in the DXD resolution!
This album from 2L was declared a “Record to Die For” by Stereophile Magazine and won the Spellemann-prize as Best Classical Album when it was first released in 2006. In only a decade this recording with Marianne Thorsen and TrondheimSolistene has manifested as a classic audiophile reference, the worlds very first commercial recording in DXD resolution.
In 2016 we brought out of storage the original analogue-to-digital converters and analyzed their characteristics in light of recent technical development from MQA. Going back to each individual microphone feed from our archive, Morten Lindberg and Bob Stuart has processed each source to minimize temporal blur and optimize impulse response. From this we have balanced a brand new stereo and rendered a fresh surround sound.


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